Thursday, July 14, 2005

Confessions of a First Time Blogger

It’s true. This is my first blog. No, I have not been living in a remote part of a third-world country, removed from technology. Nor am I suffering from a freakish carpel-tunnel ailment that would prevent me from typing on a keyboard. In fact, I spend my days surrounded by hip-to-technology PR executives whose job it is to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry. So how did I, in the midst of swirling discussions about RFID, WANs and CRM miss the Blog-Bang? I blame it on my PR-upbringing.

A veteran of the consumer PR market, the trends I keep up with sway more towards current pop-culture than hi-tech happenings. A few months ago, I came on board with the Ardell team as one of the first employees of a new consumer division of the company. Though, I still pitch restaurant reviews and resort grand openings, I can’t help but absorb the technology that is buzzing all around me. Which brings me back to the blog. I am grateful to the Ardell team for opening my eyes to the phenomenon, though I am still wondering how I so blatantly missed the blogolution.

In a meeting today, I learned that there is such a place as the ‘blogosphere.’ I thought the speaker was joking, and so appropriately, I giggled. The stern look I received in response jolted me to the realization that not only was this not a joke, but that I was the fool for not knowing that this was a valid term in… well… the blogosphere. At that moment, I felt as tech-illiterate as my mother (who recently called to ask how to bold and italicize font in her Yahoo e-mail.)

Weeks ago I had been tasked to write my first blog for the Ardell site. Never short on opinions (someone once told me that I am “as subtle as dynamite”) I was nevertheless scrambling for what to say. With this blog-monkey on my back, frozen in MS Word with nary a consonant on the page, I decided I needed a plan of attack. And I figured the first place to start was to expand my blogcabulary and remedy myself of blogignorance.

Below is a compiled list of my favorite blogcabulary terms for your consumption and enjoyment. From this process I feel I have taken two giant-steps forward in my quest toward becoming my new, tech-savvy self. I can now declare that yes, I am a blogger. And I know not to laugh when someone says ‘blogosphere.’ Hey, everyone has to start somewhere.

Blog on!
Barking moonbat - someone on the extreme edge of whatever his or her -ism happens to be.
Bleg - to use one's blog to beg for assistance such as money. It's known humorously as blegging.
Blogiversary - the birthday of the establishment of a blog.
Blogosphere - the totality of the blogging community. Also known as Blogistan or the blogiverse.
Blogstorm - when a large amount of information, commentary, or activity erupts in the blogosphere.
Blurker - a person who reads many blogs but leaves no evidence of themselves behind; a silent observer.
Dooced (pronounced like deuce) - losing your job for something you wrote in an online blog.
Drive-by Blogging - the sudden rush of blog entries that fill in the gaps and fulfill the requirements of the weblog portfolio assignment.
Plog - a project log used to chronicle a project.
Xenoblogging - the work you do that helps other people's blogs

- Kelly


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